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Metroid: Samus Aran's Gunship


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"The last Metroid is in captivity. The galaxy is at peace..."

Team up with Samus Aran, the toughest bounty hunter in the galaxy, and help her to take the dangerous last Metroid infant out of planet SR388. Then carry it aboard her iconic gunship and take off!

Based on the classic "Metroid" videogame franchise from Nintendo, this building toy features the bounty hunter's most recognisable vessel, as well as some key elements from the entire series.

  • Carry the jar with the infant Metroid in suspended animation inside the cargo hold.
  • Move the Technic liftarm to drop Samus inside the gunship to restore health and ammo. Then withdraw the axle at the back to exit the gunship via the lower hatch.
  • Remove the windscreen to access the cockpit.
  • Flaps can be open to reveal some inner details.
  • Modify the exposed intakes to conceal them.
  • Includes two moveable stud shooters.
  • Adjust the three bottom pads to land in any surface.
  • Open the secret door to drop Samus as a Morph Ball.
  • Includes a minifigure of Samus Aran's iconic Power Suit.
  • Includes a secret minifigure (to be revealed only when the project gets 9900 supports).
  • Includes 2 Zebesian Space Pirates.
  • Includes a buildable Ridley figure, fully poseable.
  • Ridley can grab Samus with his hands.
  • + An additional feature to be revealed when the project gets 6600 supports. 
  • + Extra bonus content to be revealed when the project gets 7700 supports. 
  • + An additional feature to be revealed when the project gets 8800 supports. 

Samus next mission: to become part of a new LEGO Ideas product.
She NEEDS YOU. Can you help her? Now is your turn!
Support the project so we can achieve our mission accomplished at 100%.

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  • Is this project a response to the LEGO Super Mario license?
This build was designed back in December 2019 for other purposes that now they have just gone. It was never intended to be an Ideas project, actually. I have no idea if the Super Mario licensed theme may have a positive or negative impact in the evaluation, performance or outcome of this project.

  • Which Metroid game tittle is represented in this project?
The project takes reference of multiple games:
  1. The ship itshelf is based on the most popular model, first seen in "Metroid II: Return of Samus", later used in subsequent games until the opening scene of "Metroid Fusion".
  2. The general shape and some play features are also inspired from the concept art designs from "Metroid: Other M".
  3. The minifigure design is based on the concept art from "Metroid: Samus Returns", which features the character's most up to date representation.
  4. The Zebesian Space Pictures seen in the main pictures are based on the designs from "Metroid: Zero Mission", as well as the retro artwork from "Super Metroid". Other variants from other games can be seen in the Updates tab.

  • Can you add more iconic elements from the series?
Some extra items may be included at certain milestones, but keep in mind they can also increase the cost of the final product.

  • How many bricks are used in this project?
  • 948 pieces aprox. are used for Samus Aran's Gunship
  • 124 pieces aprox. are used for Ridley
  • 87 pieces aprox. are used for the bonus content
  • This numbers may change in further updates.

  • What program do you use?
  1. LEGO Digital Designer for the built model.
  2. Inkscape for the graphic designs.
  3. Mecabricks and Blender for the final pictures.

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