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Animal Crossing: Modular Home


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"Dōbutsu no Mori/どうぶつの森", better knomn worldwide as "Animal Crossing", is a life/social simulation videogame series developed by Nintendo, where the player takes the role of a human Villager in a town inhabited by anthropomorphic animals and does some routine work to earn money or to strengthen her/his friendships with the neighbours.
In-game events happen in real time, which leads to experience the gameplay on a daily basis.
Since its original release in 2001, multiple new tittles have been launched, including the spin-off "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" for smartphone devices, or the latest entry, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" for Nintendo Switch.

Now is your chance to emulate the Fabuland... I mean, the Animal Crossing game mechanics, in the LEGO world. You only need to support this project. It will cost you 0 Bells!

  • Build your new home from scratch, and customize the interior as you wish. Tired of the same home design all the year? Rebuild it! Use the bulk parts to craft brick built furniture and floor designs inspired on actual in-game items. The suggested set includes 100 (and growing!) mini build ideas. It's a new toy every day.
  • Did you need more interior space? It's time for an upgrade! Expand your home by adding new modules.
  • Use complementary outdoor modules to make your own village scenes.
  • Shake the tree and the palm tree to take some fruits or even a bag of Bells. But be carefull with the beehive!
  • Use the axe to cut the trees and rebuild them.
  • Use the golden shovel to dig in the ground. Would you find a fossil, or a pitfall trap?
  • Make new friendships with your neighbours and collect their pictures.
  • "Switch" the ground plates according to the current season. If winter is coming can build a Snowboy!
  • Combine multiple copies of the proposed set to expand even further your home as well as your Village.

Includes 3 minifigures:
  • Villager (むらびと/Murabito/Aldeano/a) with alternate face and hair piece.
  • Boone (まんたろう/Mantarou/Babú)
  • Bunnie (リリアン/Lillian/Coni)
Plus 2 buildable figures:
  • Gyroid (はにわ/Haniwa/Giroide)
  • Snowboy (ゆきだるま/Yukidaruma/Copito)

Stay tunned to the "updates" or follow me on Instagram to discover all the furniture posibilites you can build! . I will showcase them gradually. 


  • Is this project a response to the LEGO Super Mario license?
Originally started when the App game "Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp" was launched (and put on hold multiple times), this final project is a response to the release of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" for Nintendo Switch. The "Super Mario" license was announced just while the pictures for this project were rendering. I have no idea if that announcement may have a positive or negative impact in the evaluation, performance or outcome of this project.

  • Can you add more characters?
The more minifigures, the more complicate to produce the set project. The Animal Crossing IP also relies on special head shape designs. The villagers picked for this project were the ones that better suits with existing minifigure parts, and can also be recycled as costumes.

  • How many bricks are used in this project?
Due to the nature of the "+100 furniture ideas" feature, The number may dramatically change in the desired final product. All I can say is that the complete house model uses around 880 parts. The surrounding village modules, minifigures and accesories are around 200 parts.

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