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Metroid: Samus Aran's Gunship


Mission Progress: 99% Complete - See You Next Mission!



Mission Progress: 88% Complete - Galactic Federation Gunship

To complete the series, Samus Aran's Gunship can also be rebuilt in a C-model. This one is based on the modified Galactic Federation Gunship seen in the videogame titles "Metroid Prime 3: Corruption" as well as "Metroid Prime: Federation Force".

A total of 811 pieces are used for this C-model (the main model has 948). There is only one extra piece included specifically for this build, the transparent green windscreen in the cockpit.

Similarly to the B-model, it is NOT NECESARY to disassemble Ridley to build this spaceship.

The Infant Metroid can also be stored at the back of the spaceship.

Despite being an alternative model, The build still features a landing gear deployment mechanism inspired in a similar function seen in "Metroid Prime 3".

Both lateral "wings" can hinge and click at the back. If you rotate the small dish engines at the bottom, the front prows will transform in the frontal landing gear (I have tested part of this function with real bricks). 

A trapdoor in the underside can work as the 3rd leg of the landing gear, droping the elevator platform at the same time.


Mission Progress: 82% Complete - Would you save the animals?

This wouldn't be Metroid without a countdown. In our case, we are in the final countdown of supports needed to reach the review stage.

But we have some unexpected last-minute visitors...

These helpful alien species (classified as Dachoras and Etecoons respectively) aren't part of the LEGO Ideas project.

If you could choose... Would you save the creatures for their inminent extinction (and include them in a final set)?

Would you just focus on the mission, the infant Metroid?

Would you expect to see them in another mission? Feel free to give your feedback in the comments... If you can do it in time!


Mission Progress: 78% Complete - Ridley Returns

--Meta Ridley--

No matter how many times you defeat him, Ridley always finds a way to "rebuild" himself and seek revenge. 

With the inclusion of aprox. 86 extra pieces to the inventory, it is possible to reconstruct Ridley as Meta Ridley.

Alternatively,  the resulting part selection can also be used to build other versions of Ridley, inspired on his multiple videogame appearances.

Only one version can be built at the same time, but there is NO NEED to disassemble Samus Aran's Gunship to build them.


--Robo Ridley--


--Omega Ridley--


--Proteus Ridley--


Mission Progress: 67% Complete - "Hunter"-class Gunship

Did Ridley destroy your spaceship? Don't worry, this is a LEGO set after all: The gunship has a B-Model: it can be rebuilt to recreate the "Hunter"-Class Guship seen in the videogames "Metroid Prime" and "Metroid Prime: Hunters".

Despite being an alternate model, it still has play features! The cockpit can be completely opened to access the seat. This seat can also be partially lifted by a hidden gear, working has an elevator platform to exit the spaceship.

It is a small compact model, but you can also store the infant Metroid inside.

Side panels can be opened to reveal hidden stud shooters.

Spare parts can also be used to build a basic display stand. A total of 835 pieces are used for this B- model (main model has 948).

NO additional parts are required.

Ridley's parts aren't used for the alternate build; you can still build the Spaceship and the Space Pirate at the same time.


Mission Progress: 62% Complete - Ridley is too big!

After many request, a new character has been included in the project: Space-Pirate-Dragon-Pterodactyl (and sometimes, Robot-Cyborg-Ninja-Clone-Zombie): Ridley! 

This design uses multple BIONICLE/Mixel ball joints to make it poseable enough. I have tested the neck and head with physical bricks, and it works fine.

This Ridley figure can also grab minifigures on his hands.

This is a teaser of the future upcoming updates. Stay tunned to the next one at 6600 supports. We are almost there!


Mission Progress: 30% Complete - Zebesian Ambush!

  • For the first time, we are facing our first obstacle in our mission. I't time to struggle against the dreaded... budget: The production budget for this hypothetical set. Would it be possible to include some zebesian space pirates within that budget?

  • The set is expected to include a pair of zebesians, but you are welcome to tell in the comments the number and/or the variants do you actually prefer. NOTE: Keep in mind the 10 designs showed in the following picture are just design alternatives. The set is NOT expected to include all of them.


Mission Progress: 25% Complete - Helmet Update

  • We have reached a new milestone in the roadmap. It's time for a suit upgrade!
  • After all the request, Samus has finally got a helmet. The armor piece has also been replaced for a more detailed existing element, keeping the 2D design decoration from "Samus Returns"
  • This is the final selection of helmet designs. Fell free to pick your favourites in the "Comments" section. 


  • A completely all-new 3D element design never released before. Considering the relevance/iconicity of the character, and the qualitty everyone expects for a LEGO product, this should be the most suitable option.
  • NOTE- LEGO Ideas does not allow new part designs for projects ideas. Therefore, design B would appear in the main pictures instead of this one. This design is featured here purely to persuade The LEGO Group to break that rule.
  • A new mold would require some extra time to develop the final product. In any case, "Metroid Prime 4" is proof that this fanbase has a considerable level of patience.

  • This design consist of three different plastic sections. The forehead and the visor can also be printed. This would allow to exploit the same mold to make different collectable variants. * NOTE: Only one helmet is expected to be included in the set.

360º VIEW



  • Several helmets designs have been tested as purist alternatives to the "A". Alongside "B", These could be considered the "less bad" ones.

C - "Mando"

D - "Federation Force"

E - "Zotaxian Insectoid"

F - "CMF Spaceman"

  • Suggested by user KaijuWorld


  • We have already completed 1/4 of the mission. A new substantial update awaits at the next milestone of 5000 supporters. Now that we have a fully upgraded suit, we are ready to explore Norfair...


Mission Progress: 18% Complete

  • Greetings, Bounty Hunters. Thanks for your unvaluable support.
  • I am glad to announce that you have unlocked the roadmap of planned updates/upgrades for this project. 
  • All of the upcoming updates are aimed to cover each and every request received in the comments.


  • 0,1% - 001 Supporters - SAMUS ARAN'S GUNSHIP - PROJECT SUBMITTED 
  • 1% - 100 Supporters - ENERGY TANK - +365 DAYS EXPANSION
  • 10% - 1000 Supporters - ENERGY TANK - +180 DAYS EXPANSION
  • 18% - 1800 Supporters - NAVIGATION ROOM - ROADMAP REVEALED
  • 25% - 2500 Supporters - CHOZO STATUE - ???
  • 50% - 5000 Supporters - ENERGY TANK - FINAL +180 DAYS EXPANSION
  • 50% - 5000 Supporters - NORFAIR - ???
  • 99% - 9900 Supporters - FINAL UPDATE - ???
  • 100% - 10000 Supporters - MISSION COMPLETE

  • As you can see, this is a very simple linear walkthrough, but it is open for secret rooms/backtracking. Until the 10k goal you can still comment new suggestions... realistically speaking (don't ask me to include a Waluigi minifigure, for example).  
  • You may be heavily interested on the nearest upgrade, just 700 supports away...

  • Very special thanks to the websites that promoted the project in the last weeks: Metroid Database & Bricknauts


Mission Progress: 10% Complete

  • As you may have noticed, we have already gather 1.000 people looking for the similar goal of turning LEGO Metroid into a tangible reality!
  • Definitely better than a Zero percent, but there is still a  long walkthrough to complete our Mission
  • Very special thanks/muchísimas gracias to the websites that promoted the project in this early weeks.: The Brothers Brick, BrickVault and Nintenderos.

  •  If you have found any other site generating some buzz, let me know in the comments and it will be added to the list. And of course, feel free to promote the project out there to spread the word.
  • Don't forget to give your feedback. I am taking note of all request, and they will be covered in the next updates. 

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