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The Mushrooms Collection

Picking mushrooms is one of my favorite hobbies, so I decided to design the most recognizable ones.

I built them on three separate platforms, so they can be set up as three separate sets or one big set!
Below is a brief description of each mushroom:

Fly agarics: Red fly agaric is very common all over the world, practically in the entire temperate climate zone, although it is also found in warmer regions of the world, such as the Mediterranean or Central America. It is a typical species for Central European forests, also very common in Poland.

Chanterelles:Chanterelle is a cosmopolitan mushroom, with a very wide geographical range. It is found on all continents except Antarctica. It can be found both in deciduous and coniferous forests, but it feels best on sandy, acidic soils covered with moss, especially under spruces and pines.

Porcini mushroom: A species of mushrooms from the Boletaceae family, commonly known as Boletus. Occurrence in North America (mainly west of the Rocky Mountains, in the dependent part and the eastern continent) and in Europe. Then it was dragged to New Zealand and South Africa.

Thank you for all supports!

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