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The King of Queens


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My idea,

is the Set of my favorite TV Series. 

The living room and the kitchen from the Series „ The King of Queens“. 


The three main Charakters are Doug and Carrie Heffernan with Carrie‘s father Arthur Spooner. 

Doug works as a delivery driver, while Carrie works as a secretary. There lives are complicatet by the demands of Arthur. 


This Lego-Set will never never be boring and never dust in the shelf because it always encourages new funny scenes to be rebuilt.

Even when I built the Set, I had countless funny scenes in front of me.


The Lego Set Includes:

  • the living Room
  • the three minifigures Arthur, Doug and Carrie
  • the Kitchen


I've been following three funny scenes:

  1. Doug and Arthur Ketchup
  2. Pizza
  3. the Doug and Carrie Song
  4. Doug´s hiccup


Have fun with it! 

More funny scenes I will submit in Updates. 


Thank you for watching my project.

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