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Narrow Gauge Steam Engine


Instructions, and 1000+ Supporters!

I know they’ve been a little late coming, but here are the instructions for the Narrow Gauge Steam Engine!

So much has happened since the last update, LEGO have featured this project on the homepage TWICE and we’ve jumped 500 supporters in just a few months which is amazing! So huge thank you to everyone who has promoted this project around the internet, especially those in the Railway enthusiasts communities, and the Talyllyn Railway for their support (as a side note, the engine of which this project is based had its 150th Birthday last month).

With over 150 days left before this project expires and is archived, the chances of this project reaching the target are getting fine, although its still possible! so please share and promote these instructions around if you want to see LEGO produce this set. Thank You to everyone who has supported this, or any of my other projects on LEGO Ideas, I have a couple more in the pipeline which I’m quite excited about! You can blame those for delayed upload of these instructions.

Two versions are available; a larger one that can be printed and a compressed, smaller one for using onscreen or for tablets.

Download the instructions for this set here: Narrow Gauge Steam Engine Instructions Dropbox.

Also, the custom decals of the two minifigures used in this set can be found here: Engine Driver Chris and Conductor Wilf.

Thanks for the continued support,




500 Supporters and the Secret Engine.

This is awesome! We've reach the 500 goal, and as stated, I will be creating instructions for the train as soon as possible, so you’ll be able to download them and start assembling your own mini-railway network soon! I can’t wait! It is worth noting whilst 90% of the parts are available in the correct colours, there are a few coloured pieces that LEGO don’t yet produce, so be sure to spread the word about this project, because the only way your get them is by this project reaching its goal!

Since the migration from Cuusoo to Ideas, LEGO has removed the option to edit the projects page with updates and new incentives. Therefore the new goal option of uploading a new engine at 1000 has been altered. So instead, the second ‘secret’ engine will be uploaded as its OWN SEPARATE PROJECT for you all to vote on in good time, the new project will be based on the Double-Fairlie Steam Engine eponymous with the Ffestiniog Railway and aims to be fully compatible with project, so stay on the look out for that!

Thank you and keep supporting,


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