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Narrow Gauge Steam Engine


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UPDATE: 400 Votes! As this project reaches its first anniversary, I've decided that at 500 supporters I shall upload the instructions for the Engine! So let's plow on to 500! And as always, when we make it to reach 1,000 supporters, I will upload a new companion engine!

Inspired by the little shunting engine from LEGO's own City set, 4204 'The Mine' which it is pictured with below, you'll agree they make quite a awesome little duo. The official building instructions for the LEGO City Mine Train are available here. This adorable little engine is just 5 studs wide, and can run on rails at just 4-studs wide. This engine would slip right into any LEGO City, and opens up the doorway to a whole network of 4-stud wide engines that accompany your full scale LEGO Railway!

Lord Basil accompanied by LEGO's 'Mine Engine'4204 , both dwarfed by the mighty 'Emerald Night' 10184.

"I was really glad to see this project get a lot of support. There is a lot of creative use of parts here and I really enjoy the off scale nature of it." - GlenBricker

This set accommodates every LEGO fan's dream to own one of LEGO's awesome trains, but now at a more affordable price point. It could easily act as a introductory set into the world of LEGO Trains. This little engine would make a fantastic desktop set, for the amateur train driver in all of us. Or could just as easily be the bases for a more expansive and intricate railway. This set come with the engine, one carriage and a guard's van. As well as the Driver, Guard and a little Scotty Dog. And as for the part hunters among you, this set features a number of attractive Dark Red and Pearl Gold pieces which would be unique to this set, including plenty of 2x4 curved tiles, as well as a number a small rail wheels, 1x1 round tiles and SNOT pieces. The possibility to expand the range is just as expansive as any full-scale railway, if there's interest in this project, a can upload links to instructions for other rolling stock, as well as a couple more engines and signals!

The Little Engine, named 'Lord Basil' adorns the colours of 'The Castle & Kingdom Railway', Dark Red and Pearl Gold which ooze the elegance and luxury needed to entice passengers to ride this miniature railway. It's loosely based on the iconic miniature engine 'Talyllyn', which still runs today, high in the hills of West Wales on The Talyllyn Railway, the worlds first preserved railway. A LEGO set produced to honour this fact would be a fantastic tribute to a railway that began a tradition of preserving history for generations the world over to enjoy and experience. The actual engine on which it is based is also famous, as it's the inspiration for the character of 'Skarloey' from 'Thomas & Friends', and the Little Engines series of books by Rev. W. Awdry. The carriages are also based on stock running on the Talyllyn Railway. For more information on the railway and the engine on which it's based, check out the Talyllyn Railway website.

This project has a Flickr account, which will have more images of this set, and other sets as they arrive.

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100 Supporters : 18th Feb 2013.
200 Supporters : 14th April 2013.
400 Supporters : 26th January 2014.

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