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Amtrak Inter-City Train


Amtrak is the United States’ national passenger railway. It operates many different long-distance and inter-city trains. Amtrak operates a very large, nationwide system of inter-city trains. An inter-city train is a train that operates under 700 miles (1125 kilometers). 

This Amtrak train contains 1920 parts and five pieces of rolling stock. The first piece of rolling stock is the locomotive. This locomotive is an F40PHR locomotive that has been painted into Amtrak’s phase 4 paint scheme. It has enough room to hold a driver. The train has three passenger cars that can hold 10 people comfortably. These cars are painted into Amtrak’s phase 4 paint scheme. And, the very end of the train is a Non-Powered Control Unit (NPCU). This is a former F40PH locomotive that has had its traction motors and engine block taken out and has a baggage door installed. This unique cab car and baggage car combination has earned it the nickname “Cabbages”. Having a cab on each end of the train allows for an easy turn-around. And this Non-Powered Control Unit has enough room for a driver. This makes a good Lego set because it includes a full train that can be great for both display, and play.

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