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Good Mythical Morning


Farewell For Now...

Well folks, I don't think we'll be making it this time around.  378 Supporters isn't bad though.  I'll be resubmitting it later, don't worry.  Who knows, maybe Rhett and Link will see it that time around...  Thanks for all the Support!



Allie, Candace, and Drew

Here's the rest of the Crew that I can find pictures/videos of:

What do you think?  If you have any suggestions whatsoever, please let me know in the Comments section.  Thanks!


The Rest of the Crew

They'll be coming soon!



I'm going to try to finish up the crew soon, and possibly make the new logo before the time runs out.  If it doesn't make it, I'm going to be resubmitting the project with some changes. ;)


Link's New 'Do and Two More Crew

Season 9 of Good Mythical Morning is here!  And so is Link's new haircut and two more crew member minifigures, Casey and Mike.  If you haven't supported yet (Which you probably haven't, being as this isn't at 10,000 already.) please do so now.  Following would be appreciated too.  Thank you!

If this became a set it would probably include both his "original" hairstyle, and his new 'do.  Here he is:

Casey and Mike are below:



250 Supporters!

Thanks everybody!  But we are still a long way from 10,000 (or 1,000 for that matter) so keep the support coming!  We only have until May next year, so we'd better get to 1,000 for the time Extension soon...


Ultimate Ice Sculpting Challenge Recreation

I have recreated the scene from the Ultimate Ice Sculpting Challenge when Link melts Belvedere the Mythical Cockatrice.  Please, take the time to support if you'd like to see a GMM LEGO set.


Worst Movie Monsters of All Time

Here's a recreation I made of the GMM episode thumbnail for the Worst Movie Monsters of All Time episode:

Here's the link for the episode post:  

If you haven't supported yet, please do so now.  Thanks!


Piece Count

I have some good news, and some bad news.  The bad news is that I took the model apart.  The good news is that I built it in LDD before I did.  So, the piece count  is 513 without the crew or the cockatrice.  Being as I was able to change the pieces to the correct colour, and that I had all the parts right there, it's a bit different.  Here's a render of it:

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