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Cloud City

It's what a lot of people are one day hoping for...a new Lego Cloud City! I would personally like The Lego Group to go all out and build Cloud City in the same style as the popular 10188 Death Star. This version has just about every area shown from the movie. The only parts it are still missing are the elevator (same design as Death Star)

Total piece count without figures: 2905! Considering the Death Star has 3800+ pieces, The Lego Group could add pieces to it for more details or play features and still keep it priced similar to the Death Star at the $400 price range.

If you like this model, or would support Lego building a model in this fashion, please support this set so we can finally get a new Cloud City!

Figures I would suggest (22 total):

Han (white shirt), Han (jacket), Han (carbonite piece), Leia (white jumpsuit), Leia (red/white dress), Luke (tan), Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, Vader, Fett, Lando, Lobot, Ugnaught (2), Stormtrooper (2), Bespin guard (2), Cloud car pilot, E-3PO, IG-88B

Top floor,back right angle.

-Meeting room
-Guest chamber
-Main hall
-Dining room

(non-visible from this angle:)
-Maintenance room (where C-3PO gets shot)
-Landing pad bridge

Middle floor, front angle.

-Carbon freezing chamber.
-Lighted tunnel
-Weather processing vane room

Middle floor, back angle.

-Maintenance catwalk.

Bottom floor, front angle.

-Interrogation room

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