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Steve Irwin & Majestic Crocodile


Crikey! Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter, was a famous Australian zookeeper, conservationist, wildlife educator, and environmentalist. He was loved worldwide for his excitement to explore wildlife, despite the danger. He got the nickname "The Crocodile Hunter" due to his first documentary series and his overall passion for these extraordinary animals. 

Although he tragically died in 2006, his work still touches the hearts of many wildlife lovers. I think that a lego set like this would mean a lot for all of them. And what a better way to accompany the Crocodile Hunter, than a beautiful model of a real croc? Crocodiles are my favorite animals, but also, they were the start of Steve's journey. 


The model works as one display piece, or split in 2. The big croc depicts an anatomically accurate Australian Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus)! With 9 body joints, moveable legs and a moveable jaw, the poseability is incredible! The model also includes the piece with Steve's minifigure, which works as a nice little stand for him and for a baby croc! There are many great ways to display the crocs with the minifigure. 

Fun fact
The crocodile is not green because there are no purely green crocs in real life! The colors and patterns of my model were made to match the most common ones in real saltwater crocs.

More than just display
The fact that the big croc can be removed from its stand adds playability to the set. Make it swim, bask in the beach and play with its baby! Have fun adventures with Steve's minifigure on his mission to explore the beauty of the incredible predator! Only Steve can tame this beast! 


This set would be great for:
1) Animal enthusiasts. Let's promote more accurate animal sets! 
2) Fans of Steve Irwin and his work. 
3) Lego fans that love organic displays. 
4) Younger people that care both for appearance and playability.

I would appreciate your support!

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