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Cessna 152


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I have built a Cessna 152, it is an American general aviation aircraft and has been in production for over 30 years, it is based on the Cessna 150 and can seat 2 people, the landing gear of the aircraft is fixed so it cant retract and it has flaps to slow it down for a landing or take off. On my model the flaps don't work but I am improving it to be able to work. The aircraft is mainly used for training or personal flying purposes. 

I built this as I have a deep love for aviation and when I saw a tutorial on how to build a Cessna by BigPlanes I knew I just had to build it so I did and I've added a lot more stuff to it since then so it looks much more realistic and cool.

This will make a great set as it is very realistic and fun to play with. All aviation will love it.

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