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New Orleans Streetcar - 965


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New Orleans Streetcar - 965 

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Streetcar - 980   Yes the wheels can rotate I have tested it is one stud up from the rotators!
Genre - Creator
Building Difficulty - Medium
Piece Count - 950 parts
Set Includes - (1 Streetcar) (1 Train Station) (4 Minifigures) (6 LEGO Props)

NOTE: No stickers or printed pieces are seen in this set, but I would like a printed piece of the train number (965) for the set.

Brief History
This creation is a copy of a New Orleans streetcar, built around in 1835 and is still operating today within the oldest and ACTIVE public transportation line in the United States of America today. A streetcar is a tram that can run on both gas and electricity. It is also a single engine designed to run on a single track without having to turn back around, the engineer simply has to crank a handle to switch the seats around. This makes it a great add-on to your city if you do not have enough track to form a loop. The trains speed could be easily controlled by either a regulator or a key (wrench) and does not have a loud STARTLING train horn, but a sweet soft bell to let you know its arriving to the station soon.

Unique Features
The two (right) doors on both sides can open by pulling the string on the inside (string is not included in photos). Properly scaled to LEGO proportions for LEGO creator sets. It has four single stair steps that you can put down, and you can add a motor (not included in photos). Lastly, the seats can be changed to the opposite direction.

Reason it would make a great LEGO set
What makes this set so great, is that you can add a single engine to your LEGO creator city and not have an expensive or large train set running through your town, not matching the genre of your town. I also purposely designed it to be under 1000 pieces, so it can be under $99.00 U.S. dollars.

Why I built it?
I love the massive LEGO creator buildings and I love LEGO locomotives, but they are always very expensive making them quite a luxury to have. The set is a single-nice looking engine that can be available to anyone for a cheaper price, due to its smaller piece count. Also, if you do not have any LEGO track or too little track, your track will not be an issue for this train.
Fun Fact: You will notice that there is no ticket booth in this set. The reason for this is that you can only get a ticket from the train engineer himself, and it must be the exact change (1.25 per ride). 

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