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Medieval Bakery

Welcome to my first IDEAS submission, medieval bakery.

Some time ago i was trying to make good use of big carriage wheels and somehow idea of watermill wheel came to mind. The idea started as blacksmith shop but i changed it to bakery because i felt like there was never enough of non-military buildings.

The bakery fits on 32 by 32 base plate and can be opened in the middle to reveal interior. After removing the roof you can also detach first floor to have better access to bottom level.

The only way to get to the bakery is by the water. You can dock your boat for easier loading.

Main working area contains necessary equipment such as oven, bench, crates and bags of flour.

From there you can either head upstairs or to the storage area or outside to little garden.

Storage area includes shelves with some products, barrel and some bottles. The rat enjoys the presence of all the food human prepares for him!

If you decide to go to garden you can appreciate your pumpkins and carrots. There is also one chicken.

The upper level is living area with some furniture, from there you can either go to balcony and sit on the bench or to the deck with crane.

Mini figures include baker and his wife and two customers packing goods to their boat. The customers are siblings.

Hope you like it!

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