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Forest Cottage

Deep in the forest, unknow to most is a cottage. In the cottage live a mother and her son, making there own living, with little contact with the outside world. They have their own little farm, a few animals and a pond to catch fish in.

This small cottage has 1482 parts!

This build consists of:
  • the cottage with a removable roof
  • two beds
  • a table
  • a shelf
  • a small pond
  • a patch of farm
  • 6 trees
  • a pig, a chicken, a fish and a fox
  • 2 minifigures
  • a collapsable tree

This small set of a medieval cottage, set deep in a forest is detailed and realistic. It is little, but makes a great display set! With this moc, I have focused more on making it both model for display and for play. It could be used as a part of any medieval scene, but looks great on its own as well! It is very detailed, and uses a lot of complex tecniques, so would make a great set for teens and AFOLs to build.

Thanks for checking this out! Please support and comment!! :-D
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