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Fantasy Castle


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For more, please check out the short video below:

You can view the 3D model of the final design, as well as the parts list here:
(The main image, and the minifigure image are the only images that have the final, updated version of the castle, the rest are from the original version, so to see the final version from all angles, check the link above.)

Recreate endless different fantasy battles and stories with this epic citadel. Adventure and excitement await as you explore the many rooms in the castle, and fight the fearful foes! Will the goblins take the castle? Or will your heroes save the day? It's up to you to decide with the Fantasy Castle! 

This large product idea contains a total of exactly 2,251 parts. 

This build contains:                                                                 
  • A lookout tower with a catapult                                                           
  • A stables                                 
  • A study                                                       
  • A bedroom                                                     
  • A prison (with a hidden escape passage)        
  • A store room                                                       
  • A wizards potion room
  • A Horse
  • 5 minifigures:
  • - Knight
  • - Herbalist/Witch
  • - Dwarvern warrior
  • - 2 Goblins

The model was originally build in real life, so I had a lot of fun making sure it was very structurally strong, and stayed together when all the layers were taken apart (which can be seen in the video). It was thoroughly play tested with my younger brothers, so I certainly know its playable! XD

A few design features to note:
  • The round tower is made with the same technique as the LEGO Ideas Tree house
  • The base of the castle is made with Technic beams and plates to make it strong, but light and part efficient.
  • The rooves (apart from the one on the tower), aren't actually held on by any connections, but slot on to their respective buildings perfectly and don't fall off.

My aim with this project was to make a castle that is fun to build, playable, and also looks great on display. Castles have always been a very popular LEGO theme, so I think that if the project were made, it would sell very well, and because it is very different in style and also theme (being Fantasy themed) it wouldn't clash with any other castles very much.


Thank you so much for your support!

Please please share with your friends and family to make this a real LEGO set! Feel free to share ideas and constructive criticism in the comments above!

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