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Milwaukee Art Museum


Santiago Calatrava Collection

Hello everybody!

Here is my newest update to the Project!

I constructed 2 other buildings so it becomes a complete set, under the name Santiago Calatrava, to celebrate this unique architectural style.

I created a video for it, please check it out!

After a HUGE support by amazing people and news media in Milwaukee city, and Santiago Calatrava himself publishing on his website, I decided to push forward the project and construct a collection of Calatrava's architecture, so it becomes a more comprehensive representation of the amazing buildings what Calatrava and his office creates.

Please give your vote :) It would be much appreciated!


Milwaukee Art museum - Opening and Closing Update

Hello everyone! Here is the first update to my Milwaukee Art museum design.

I have been working a lot to redesing the model. My main goal was to achieve the opening and closing function, but without destroying the elegance of the model. With just a little bit of widening of the spine segment, it was finally possible.

An animation was also under construction. The goal of that video is to promote the model, but it also presents the concept of the building. I wanted to give a nice tribute to architecture, the city of Milwaukee and to - of course - Santiago Calatrava's genious. I wanted to say a huge thank you to Giulia Adami, who helped me with the animation, and Gergely Kis, who composed a beautiful music to it.

Link to the animation:

Of course the updates don't stop here. My next goal is to create 2 other model from the same pieces. Stay tuned for more!

Thank you for visiting this project, and if you like it, please support! :)

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