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Milwaukee Art Museum


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Hello guys!

As a long time LEGO fan, I was really excited to try and represent Santiago Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum pavilion. With a background in architecture, I was always fascinated about the architectural language Calatrava is using. Trying to represent the beautiful curves and lines from the real building was challenging, but after some structure tests and shape studies, I arrived at my build. The rib-like complex shapes are really inspiring for me.

This model is kept as simple as possible and I consider it a beautiful decoration piece. It is really fun to build. I was focusing on not to use more bricks than necesary. The structure that keeps it together is a solid triangle form, so it is as powerful as possible. There are a lot of possibilities with this model, opening and closing mechanism, and currently I'm even trying to get the B model out of it, Calatrava's New York Transit Hub.

I'm really happy that LEGO gives us this opportunity, and after a great succes at LEGO Rebrick, I'm happy to present it as a possible set piece. It would make a beautiful addition to the already amazing models, it has a various mix of bricks for future creativity, and possibly inspiring to young and older people as well.

Thank you for your time, and possibly, your support.

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