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LEGO Ghibli

The LEGO Ghibli project consists of four little vignettes from Studio Ghibli movies in LEGO style: How'ls Moving Caslte, My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the sky and Spirited Away, capturing iconic elements of each movie.

I'm sure that this would be an amazing set for any LEGO and Ghibli fan, just try to imagine this little vignettes with detailed buildings and characters in your desk, and the amazing process of building these iconic elements from the movies. I think that the LEGO and Ghibli collab must be real, and this is my proposal to do it, incluiding these four movies in one project (a really hard decision) . 

For more details you can watch this video: 

  • Spirited Away:

This movie was an instant classic that hit theaters in 2001, in this vignette I created the iconic bathhouse in micro-scale, using small pieces to achieve a detailed structure with the traditional japanese style avoiding the use of printed elements. 

  • Howl's Moving Castle:

This is another epic movie from Studio Ghibli, the castle is an amazing structure with lots of details, this vignette contains a micro-scale version of the castle with the main details of the original drawing.

  • My neighbor Totoro:

Totoro is an iconic character from Studio Ghibli, so I include a little vignette for this project with Totoro and his umbrella, trying to mantain the scence of the original drawing.

  • Castle in the sky:

Being the first movie of the Studio, it couldn't be missed in this set! for this vignette, I recreated the iconic floating castle capturing the main details of the building, like the enormous treetop, the inverted dome and the three levels.

Part count:

  • Spirited Away: 870 pieces + 1 minifigure (Chihiro)
  • Howl's Moving Castle: 368 pieces + 2 minifigures (Howl & Sophie)
  • My neighbor Totoro: 120 pieces + 1 minifigure (Mei)
  • Castle in the Sky: 493 pieces

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I will be pending of the comments section, so let me know your thoughts and feel free to make any suggestion for this project.

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