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Jurassic Farm


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This creation it's the physical form of the phrase "You can build anything with LEGO bricks", a very unique MOC that must be part of your collection, it contains one of a kind LEGO Tyrannocow! A hybrid between a cow and a T-rex! and a friendly jurassic pork!.

These creatures are not dangerous, but the T-cow can't be milked by anyone! She protects cows and other animals in the farm, naturally seeks its habitat with the best farmer. The jurassic porks is a friendly creature, he plays with chickens all the time and dreams of one day being able to fly.

This model consist of 4 characters:

  • Alberto, the farmer. (4 pcs)
  • Chuck, the chicken. (1 pcs)
  • Moolly the Tyrannocow (756 pcs)
  • Chuleta the jurassic pork (242 pcs)

Additionally, it comes with a tractor for the farmer, with 55 pieces.

You can see a video of the movement of T-cow in this video:

The T-cow was made originally as an entry for a contest on LEGO Ideas, and it was really well received by the LEGO fan community, and after lot's of comments asking for a new dino, I decided to make the jurassic pork, so I hope you like it!.

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