Product Idea

Tyrannocow (T-cow)

This Creation it's the physical form of the phrase "You can build anything with LEGO bricks", a very unique MOC that must be part of your collection, one of a kind LEGO Tyrannocow! A hybrid between a cow and a T-rex!, it seems that someone did not follow the rules of the laboratory, and some milk remains fell on the samples for the next experiment! 

Well, this creature is not dangerous, but can't be milked by anyone! She protects cows and other animals in the farm, naturally seeks its habitat with the best farmer.

This model consist of 3 characters:

  • Alberto, the farmer. (4 pcs)
  • Chuck, the chicken. (1 pcs)
  • Moolly the Tyrannocow (756 pcs)

Additionally, it comes with a tractor for the farmer, with 55 pieces.

You can see a video of the movement of the model in this video:

NOTE: with the bucket of milk, the model contains 819 pieces.


This creation was made originally as an entry for a contest on LEGO Ideas, but I really would love to see this MOC in my collection, so I would like to share this idea with all the LEGO fan community.