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The Adventure Galleon


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The Adventure Galleon (Working title) is my first major Lego Ideas project. It was inspired primarily by the 2012 Lego Pirates line, and borrows design elements from the 2012 Lego Spongebob Squarepants Flying Dutchman.

I was motivated to make a blimp or airship type model by the Lego Ninjago Sky-Pirates/ Wu-Crew line of lego sets. I thoroughly enjoy the newly introduced balloon elements.

In designing this set, I was conflicted on whether I wanted a display piece, or an actual play set with action features. in an attempt to resolve this, I included a small cannon/grappling gun/harpoon launcher, that uses a stud-launcher base, and fires a small grapple attached to a chain, which in previous revisions, served as an anchor or ballast for the airship. Other features include a simple brick-built skull figurehead which was a last minute addition, a propeller on the stern of the ship, a tiny cabin, complete with a treasure map, green rum bottle, and a pearl gold cup, a navigation wheel at the bow of the ship, and a small chest containing a sword, Sextant, gold telescope, and a gold crystal piece.

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