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RESEARCH LAB SUBMARINE (Modular with interiors)

The intent of this model is to create a set where boys and girls would share the experience of playing together with what I have conceived as a full living in "doll house" combined with adventure and expedition. Regardless of preferences between boys and girls, this set fulfills both for those who prefer to play roles and those who prefer to play action.

The set consists in 4 independent detachable modules fully furnished with highly detailed interiors made with a considerable low count of parts. To see high resolution pictures of each module, please Click Here. Each module has a drop-down wall to allow access to the interiors.

Module1 = The Reaserch Lab
Module2 = The kitchen (With an italian Cheff!)
Module3 = The quarters (With beds for 2 minifigs)
Module4 = The Equipment Room (Contains all the equipment necessary for 2 divers) 

Please also check the cross section pictures to better appreciate the interior details.
Cross-Section upper view
Cross-Section lower view

All modules are furnished with one airlock door at each side. These doors can be opened, closed or simply removed when playing.

The Bridge is also made as an independent module, carefully decorated as a modern command module. Thick pipes, a periscope and regulator valves are elements incorporated to give the traditional look of an old fashion submarine.

The top of the Bridge opens to reveal a fully functional, independent, minifig scaled Minisub with capacity for 3 minifigs, one pilot and two divers. The minisub by itself is as playable as any Lego set.

Other elements shown in some pictures like dolphins, sea plants and fishes were added as mere decoration and are not intended to be part of the set.

I would like to thank Ssorg for giving me the idea to turn around this project from a Navy look like Sub into a Lab Submarine.

A very special thanks to GlenBricker for his nice review in his blog.

I hope you all like it and support. Please feel free to ask any questions or post any suggestions, and if you don't feel this project is worth of your support, take a few seconds to let me know why. Your comments and critiques are always most welcome as they are my best source for improvement.

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