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MARS BASE (Modular with interiors)

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As we get closer and closer to extraterrestrial colonization, all space agencies around the world, have their eye on Mars. We may be still years, decades or even centuries from establishing the very first human colony outside of our own planet, but as much as each space agency has their own designs in the making, they all share a common view, it will be in Mars and it will be modular.

Inspired in dozens of sketches from NASA and the European Space Agency, I have design what I believe will be the ultimate base for a LEGO human settlement in Mars. This is science fiction but with a realistic approach, as the program intends to initiate the settlement in 2023 ( &feature;=player_embedded#! ).

A very special thanks to GlenBricker for his nice review in his blog.

Take a look at my FLICKR ACCOUNT to see this pictures in high resolution.

Please feel free to ask any questions or post any suggestions, and if you don't feel this project is worth of your support, take a few seconds to let me know why. Your comments and critiques are always most welcome as they are my best source for improvement.

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