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Working Suspension Railway

Welcome to the Working Suspension Railway!

The Idea

What do the cities of Chiba (JPN), Dresden (GER), Memphis (USA), Shonan (JPN), Wuhan (CHN), and Wuppertal (GER) have in common? Probably not that much at first sight, but they all have one of the rarest and technically most interesting as well as challenging public transportation systems in the world: a suspension railway! And while some of them were constructed only in the last decades, the oldest one of them, the suspension railway Wuppertal, is even over a hundred years old and still in use – truly impressive, at least if you ask me.

So that's why I came up with the idea of building a suspension railway that fits into Lego City and also works like the other trains that we already have gotten so far, that means electrically powered and remotely controlled.

The Build

The build consists of:
  • Remotely controlled suspension train with an engine car, two passenger wagons, a battery carrier car, and a standard train remote control
  • Suspension track with eight support beams, with each of them carrying a little nature scenery
  • Central station with both stairs and a working elevator to the platform, a ticket machine, and a bike shed
  • Transformer station with a connection to the track and a little river beside
  • Train driver, three railway workers, four passengers, and some animals

The Functionality

Train: The engine car carries an L-motor, which drives the wheels on the suspension, and the receiver for the remote control. The latter is connected to the battery carrier car by cable, which is led through the bottoms of the passenger wagons. The train can be powered on by a little switch on the top side of the battery carrier car and controlled with the standard proportional train remote control.

Station: The elevator can be operated by a little crank on the side, which has a ratchet mechanism to hold its position at any altitude.

The Data

Parts: 2999
Dimensions: 78 cm x 54 cm x 22 cm

Thank you very much for your attention!
Baron von Barron

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