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LNER A3 Pacific "The Flying Scotsman" Passenger Train

The Flying Scotsman was the the fastest locomotive in the world in 1934. The Locomotive is an LNER A3 pacific made by Doncaster Works in February 1923 and went up to 100 miles per hour in 1934. The number of the locomotive is 4472 which is also the piece count of my Studio 2.0 creation. The set consists of the locomotive, it’s 2 tenders, a stand to display the model, 3 coaches, a Powered-Up hub and motor to motorize your locomotive, and the driver and fireman minifigures.

The 100th anniversary of the Flying Scotsman is coming up next year, so I decided to make a scaled replica of the Flying Scotsman using the 7-stud wide method for the cab and splashers and using curved-sloped pieces to make the boiler circularly accurate. The only obstacle I had trouble with was the firebox which sloped on a difficult angle, and I had to find the right pieces to make this masterpiece real-world accurate. The original Flying Scotsman was designed by a famous designer by the name of Sir Nigel Gresley. It is a 4-6-2 locomotive that was made for passenger trains for the East Coast Main Line.

The Flying Scotsman has an extra water tender to keep the locomotive quenched for a long gruesome distance on the East Coast Main Line. The engine has 3 coaches which are empty, but if the final concept of the locomotive comes out, people young and old can place any Minifigure inside the 3-coach train. The set also comes with 2 Minifigures: the driver and the fireman to keep the locomotive running smoothly and on time for the trains it can carry. Amazingly, the Flying Scotsman is a working legacy for everyone from young to old.

I did this 4472-piece LEGO set because I always love making/designing different types of steam locomotives and diesel locomotives out of LEGO, and I am a huge fan of LEGO and its products. Like most rail fans and LEGO fans young and old, this special icon of steam locomotion will inspire them and the public about the glory days of steam when the amazing steam icon went 100 miles per hour on British rails in 1934. I made it optional for everyone that if you want your locomotive to run on the Powered-Up app or remote control (Not included in the set), you can use a LEGO Hub and motor with the set to have some more railroading fun for the whole railroading family to enjoy.

The Flying Scotsman steam locomotive would be a great set for everyone because I believe that historians, rail fans, the public, fans of LEGO, the London and North Eastern Railway, steam locomotives and steam enthusiasts will get inspiration from using their imaginations to think up a good way to spend a speedy train trip in 1934 to now.

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