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LEGO Canal Houseboat


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A house, a boat, a houseboat

Inspired by the houseboats in Amsterdam, I present you my cozy Canal Houseboat! The Minifigure couple can cruise with the ship, relax on deck, or enjoy their day inside. Open the roof to explore the detailed cabins with a bed, a bathroom, a little kitchen and much more!

Come on board of my LEGO Houseboat

My LEGO Canal Houseboat is 40 cm long from rudder to nose, 14 cm tall and consists of ca. 1200 pieces. The ship is built from all sides to make a fantastic display piece for your shelf, but also opens to reveal the interior inside with everything on board for the 2 Minifigures to make this boat their home.

LEGO Ideas Canal Houseboat Jonas Kramm 8

The hull of the ship houses a red sofa, night tables and a bed for two right below the skylight with a view of the stars. In the kitchen we find an oven, a stove and some Dutch cheese.

LEGO Ideas Canal Houseboat Jonas Kramm

The captain's cabin includes a steering wheel, a compass, a bench with a folding table and stairs to the lower cabins.

LEGO Ideas Canal Houseboat Jonas Kramm 4

On the roof is a comfy sofa, flower pots and fairy lights for romantic evenings. Also, they get company from a seagull.

LEGO Ideas Canal Houseboat Jonas Kramm 6

A working wrench allows the Houseboat to anchor, and over the wooden plank the bicycle can be taken for a ride to fill up supplies.

LEGO Ideas Canal Houseboat Jonas Kramm 5

Help to launch the LEGO Houseboat

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*Boat does not float ;)

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