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A LEGO Christmas Story


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A LEGO Christmas Story captures the magic and nostalgia of the iconic film that has weaved its way into family tradition and has become part of the soundtrack to the holiday itself. Start a new custom by building your own LEGO model with your family while the 24-hour marathon of the movie plays in the background, or proudly display your LEGO Ideas set as a part of your festive seasonal décor.

This proposed set includes a full model of the first floor of the Parker family home complete with the leg lamp, radio, fireplace, and much more. Open the little cabinet under the sink or find a nice surprise behind the corner door in the kitchen. We triple-dog-dare you to build the flagpole scene, and Oh Fudge, don’t forget about the family car with a spare tire in the trunk and Christmas tree on top! The tree can also be easily removed from the car and placed in middle of the living room for Christmas morning.

No set would be complete without Ralphie in his bunny pajamas, Randy, who can’t put his arms down, the Old Man, and Ralphie's Mother. This model also includes a bonus Cowboy Ralphie with his toy BB gun, the Bumpus hounds (with turkey to eat), and Flick, ready to stick his tongue to the frozen flagpole.

If you like what you see, be sure to give this set a vote and check out much more A Christmas Story themed models on flickr. From a modular Higbees (with Santa's Mountain), Christmas Tree Lot, and Chinese restaurant to the bully hideout, Ralphie's classroom, and Parker backyard, ALL are represented!

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Watch this video to get you in the holiday giving spirt and show your support:

A copy of the model has been donated to A Christmas Story House Museum in Cleveland, OH and is on permanent display, so feel free to plan a visit to see it in person as well!

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