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Showman's Engine


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Here comes the beauty queen of the fun fair, a marvel of engineering and late victorian design, the steam road locomotive dubbed a Showman's Engine!
Traction engines like these were used to pull fun fair rides from fairground to fairground, providing them with power and illumination when set up. The travelling showmen would often decorate their engines with electric lights and lots of gold trim, making them an attraction in themselves. Showman's engines were used between ca. 1880 and 1930, mainly in England.
My model is made to the scale of 3/4" to the foot (that's 1:16), and has working steering, a differential, a steam engine with moving piston and sliding valve, a gear box with two road speeds (slow and very slow), and working brakes on the rear wheels. For stationary operation as a power plant, e.g. for a carousel, the gear box can be set to neutral. The steam engine will then power the dynamo by belt drive, in order to generate electricity.
I added a living van to go with the Showman's Engine. The trailer has working brakes, and comes with a cozy interior with two beds, two chairs, a table, and a stove.
The engine consists of approx. 1100 parts, the living van adds another 800 parts.
The model would make a fabulous display piece, but is also inviting to play, and quite cool to drive around the carpet. And just think of all the attractions and rides you could build to go along with it...


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