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This is my custom LEGO Batwing. I based my idea upon several different versions of the Batwing. I wanted to create a batwing that would fit the silhouette of the Batman symbol while still being a sleek jet. Mini-figure scaled, this massive 1400 piece ultimate Batwing is a great collectors piece, and has lots of playability. My inspiration for this idea was the 1989 Batman movie Batwing. I wanted to create a larger version, with a more modern feel to it. So I came up with this design, it took me several months to design and create, and i am finally happy with the design. I have always been a big fan of Batman's vehicles, i created an animated Batmobile a few months ago and decided to continue designing Bat-vehicles. This vehicle has several play and display features, the wings can be angled to preference, and the tail fins can be adjusted as well. This Batwing would look great as a display piece. I added opening missile pods to the main body as an additional display option


  • Mini-figure scaled, a basic Batman figure will fit inside the cockpit
  • Adjustable tail fins
  • Adjustable wings, 90 degree rotation
  • Opening cockpit, fits one mini-figure
  • Hidden missile pods, panels open and missile pods lift up
  • Twin-engine thrusters
  • Resembles classic Batman symbol silhouette


I hope you like my custom Batwing, please support, share and keep building and having fun

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