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Medieval Bee Farm

Medieval Bee Farm

Beekeeping is a very important thing and was already present in people's lives in the Middle Ages, and I want to take the theme of Lego Medieval creations in a new direction, which is why I wanted to create this medieval Bee Farm MOC, which includes a farm house and plants around it - trees and of course flowers. Throughout my MOC, I tried to use unique techniques in terms of the use of pieces, curved roof structures and rotated house parts. If you want this idea to become a real LEGO set, please support my idea with the yellow support button above, thank you very much in advance.

This model consists of about 2994 pieces, includes 3 minifigures, one old and one young beekeeper man and a young lady, there are also many bee figures and a cat.

Interesting building techniques:
I used this techniques on all the roofs, that's why I couldn't work out the attic parts. First technique: for the firs layer, I placed a Plate, Round 1 x 1 with Bar Handle on Long Stem on a 1x1 modified tile, then followed another 1x1 modified tile, on which I attached a splitter. The next layer is made of the same pieces, only I bent the Bar Handle piece more to give the roof a nice curve. The part of the splitting handle is not visible on the entire roof design, only part of the plate

Second technique:
I used dark, light gray and dark tan suitcases to create the lower stone part of the house. I held the suitcases with the handles that hold them from the back.

Third technique:
I used 1x1 modified tiles and top of than Plate, Round 2 x 2 with Rounded Bottom pieces, which I rooted for the previous ones (1x1 modified tiles), these and other pieces turned on a smoke cloud.

The bee farm house consists of three parts: A semi-open part, where the outside work is done for the beekeepers, the preparation and cutting of wooden necks for the hives, etc., the assembly of new hives, and the storage of empty beehives and full honey combs.

The next part is the lower level of the inner part of the bee farm, where there are smaller and larger beehives both outside and inside, in the inner part there is a table where you can process the honey, even if you can't go outside at the moment, and you can also store things related to beekeeping here. . On the lower level, on the side of the door, there are various old papers on the wall, besides these, you can also find books related to beekeeping and the coat of arms of the bee farm. The upper part is a small bedroom with a stove.

A road leads from the bee farm, and we will be able to reach other places in this world. Furthermore, there are trees on both sides of the house, and there is even a stream on the right side of the house. In front of the bee farm, there are other beehives and a table where we can also discover honey-related things. There are also ditches around the house, in all quantities, and aquatic plants can also be found.

I place the entire MOC on a black background, for the sake of easier display, I designed the entire building and part of the landscape on paper:


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