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UFO Abduction


Examination room

Introducing... The Examination Room! Who Is The Black Alien?

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Jimi is being inspected in a strange room! But our grey alien isn't alone... There is a BLACK ALIEN with him! Jimi is freaking out because he doesn't undersand what's going on there. But, do we have to freak out as well? NOP! Everything explained below.

In planet A-113, there are two species  that evolved in a similar way and they share interests, so they explore the outter space together!

The examination room was designed by the arquitect Plbo Mndanio, from the grey spice, for the space company MAPSAKLOX, responsible of Jimi's kidnap.

Hope you like the story, comment it and support to save Jimi!


(Of course, all these stuff is fictional, don´t suffer too much for Jimi. )

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