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Space Babies!

This project contains 2 spaceships, each with a baby as their pilot. It shows that everyone dreams of space, even babies. Both ships contain thrusters built from wheels and cleverly designed blasters. One ship is blue, yellow, and gray, and the other is more of a speeder with a red and black color scheme.

This build was originally created for the moments in space contest, but did not place. I specifically tried to have some clever part to use. This was shown in the blasters of both spaceships, being cups and pins in one and a combination of telescopes, inkwells, and radar dishes in the other. The first spaceship (the yellow and blue one) was originally designed in blue and white, but I could not find sufficient pieces, and redid the color scheme based on the original space sets. For the second spaceship (the red and black one) I wanted to make a second ship with an opposite color scheme, darker colors, to portray a good guy/bad guy theme. However, the end result ended up looking more like a speeder than a spaceship, so instead of a Space Baby Battle, the creation became just Space Babies. 

Other Notes
  • This build is 100% possible to build and all pieces are available in the shown colors, since I built it physically. 
  • The backgrounds on the images were drawn by me.
  • Be sure to check out and support my other two ideas, Modular Medieval Microworld and Japanese Garden Paperweight!

Thanks for your support (and reading this far),
Math Whiz

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