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Modular Medieval Microworld


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Modular Medieval Microworld

Rearrange these 16 microscale sections to build hundreds of various microworlds! This idea contains 16 sections, 32 1x6 plates to cover the sides, 50 pins to hold sections together, and 50 pins to connect the plates. This amounts to an overall total of 663 pieces. This model was built digitally using Mecabricks.

About each section

Castle-This is the fortress to the good knights and includes 4 towers, a gatehouse, a moat, a bridge, and a central keep.

Dark Knight’s Castle-This is the fortress for the evil knights and has similar features to the other castle. It is build in darker colors and has a statue of the dark lord on the roof of the keep.

Wizard Tower-This is a high tower with 2 windows up on a hill in the forest. It is home to the good wizard.

Bat Mountain-This is a mountain where a giant bat dwells. I originally was going to use the micro dragon piece, but it was not in the mecabricks inventory.

Swamp with Witch’s Hut-This is where the witch lives and is a marshy area.

City-This is a large village, with 4 houses per block and a statue in the town square.

Town Entrance-This is a bridge crossing a river with a guard post, that leads into the city.

River Crossing with Mill-This is a mill in the forest by a bridge across the river.

River Curve in Forest-This is exactly what it sounds like-a river curve in the forest.

River Curve with City-This is where the river curves around the city. There is also a small cave in the forest on the other side.

Mountains with a River Cut-This is where the river cuts through the mountains.

Waterfall-This is the beginning of the river, up in the mountains.

Lake-This is a small lake with an island in the center. It can also be used as a connection point for 4 rivers.

Mountain Curve-This is a curve in the mountains.

Dwarven Mines Entrance-This is the entrance to the mines where the dwarves live. It has 2 giant statues for decoration.

Mountain Curve with Hut-This is where the mountains curve through a forest with a woodsman’s hut.

Other Notes

  • I am not sure if all these pieces are in available colors.
  • This model was built digitally.
  • Be sure to check out my other ideas!

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