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The Black Gate


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Hello there! This is thelotrbuilder with my newest product idea, the Black Gate from the Lord of the Rings! I think this would make an exciting set because of its action, architecture, building techniques, and its castle like detail.

This took about two weeks to finish off and on. Lego made a model of the Black Gate in 2013 with the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit line it made. Although it was very well built, I believe it was smaller than it could have been. This is much larger, but under 3,000.

Piece count: 2300

Minifigures: eight, including Aragorn, Gandalf, Eomer, and five Mordor Orcs.

The Black Gate is the entrance to the realm of Mordor, which is the dominion of Sauron in which the Tower of Barad-dur, Minas Morgul, and Mount Doom reside. Men from Rohan and Gondor, ranging from Minas Tirith to Edoras are marching upon the gate. They plan to distract the 100,000 orcs that reside between Sam and Frodo and Mount Doom, so the ring can be destroyed.

I spend some time on the rock work, and that is probably where most of the piece count is taken, but it is still nothing above the ideas limit.

Thank you for checking out my newest product idea! Please support to help bring back the Lord of the Rings line! Happy building!

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