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Lego Stingray MS 1053 BG 198rx

This model of the Stingray MS 1053 BG 198rx motor boat is consisted of exactly 190 Lego elements.
This model took me over 5 hours to design with trial and error. Model features a single Lego motor and Bluetooth power system to motorize this model. Warning if you decide to build this on your own, some pieces may be hard to find while the rest are more common. Caution this Model has not been tested for floatability however it is designed to at least work while in the water. I'd like to mention this model doesn't go against Lego's building law (Bricks should not cause strain on other pieces.)
The color scheme is directly how I saw the real boat, but feel free to make your own change to colors, but please no plagiarism.

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