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Modular Ballroom and Restaurant


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Welcome to the Ballroom! 

This LEGO Ideas project proposes for a modular-style corner building that fits with the Modular Building line on the topic of dancing.

  • The main building is a formal ballroom to host a special dance or romantic prom for your minifigures.
  • A spiral staircase inside can lead them to some balconies on the third story for looking over the guests or the street.
  • Below the ballroom is a restaurant with a full kitchen, carbonated-beverage bar, and seating for some minifigures.
  • Above the whole building is a fully working clock tower that tells the time on all four sides in sync, using a lot of gears and axles that make the whole mechanism work. This was the most complicated and most satisfying part of building this project.

I built this model because I was initially inspired by some dancing models I've made before, and I also built a clock tower with no building to go with it, so I decided to put them together into a big ballroom modular building, inspired by the story of Cinderella. (This project does not propose the use of the Cinderella license, only mentioned here for inspiration).

I think it makes for a great LEGO set because it fits into the Modular building line that is adored by LEGO fans of all ages. There are little details and accessories to make the place feel alive and grand, as well as complicated techniques using traditional System bricks and Technic pieces to make things work. 

This model that I have made contains approximately 3000 pieces according to some rough estimates. My model uses pieces that I happen to have in my collection, but equivalent large pieces can be substituted for groups of smaller pieces (For example, a 1x6 brick in place of a 1x2 and a 1x4).

Thank you for reading and please support and share with your friends! I look forward to all of your feedback to make this project a dream come true! 

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