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The Jetsons


Meet George Jetson! His boy, Elroy. Daughter Judy. Jane, his wife. You know the rest...

Join in with The Jetsons in their extravagant adventures into the future! Explore their penthouse in the sky and flying car (the station wagon of the future), with the help of the trusty robot maid Rosie!

The innovative home stands out among others as it is raised above a bed of clouds to exemplify the image of the future! The wall and ceiling of windows allow for loads of natural light to cascade throughout the living space. Jutting from the side, you will see a floating mailbox, uniquely designed to match the aesthetics of the home.

The interior of the house includes a detailed video phone, couch-for-two, disk designed lamp, hovering television, and colorful food machine for instant meals! Rising from the center of the floor, stands the (opening) pneumatic travel tube, that transports the family throughout their home with efficiency.

The Jetson’s flying car is a compact vehicle, perfectly designed for strolling through the atmosphere! The bubble canopy allows the whole family to have a 360 degree view of their surroundings, and gives the car an out-of-this-world personality. The vehicle lets the family travel to various locations, such as Spacely Sprockets and Little Dipper School.

The accessories the family members are able to use include: George’s fold up car (which appears as a suitcase); a hover pack with jet stream; pop-out vacuum for Rosie; mail for the mailbox; and various foods produced from the food machine.

The Jetsons have been a building block of my life since childhood, when I would watch the show on re-run channels, and let my imagination take me along with them on their adventures. It helped spark my interest in science fiction and innovation for the future.

Thank you for viewing my Jetsons build, and hope you can become a supporter!

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