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Architecture: Washington Monument & Reflecting Pool

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I MADE A NEW BLUE LOGO! Hooray! - not really.

Onto the model - I've designed within four hours the Washington Monument and the Reflecting pool that lies behind it about a half a mile away. This set would be a fine addition to the LEGO Architecture line of products because it - like the Pyramids of Giza - has less than 100 pieces included.

Please note I'll not tolerate any bad language and/or comments on my pages.

Standing upright at 555ft 1/8 in, the Washington Monument is the tallest structure in Virginia. At the base there are over 500 flags that outline the circular baseplate that the structure settles on.

Our final image shows the Reflecting Pool. The pool lies in front of the Lincoln Memorial which I might include in this set in the future.

Sorry for the lack of description but I hope you support this model.

Adam :)

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