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Lego Lifeguards


Hello Lego Fans and welcome to my next project:

Lego Lifeguards

My Main-Idea is based on Lifeguards which you can find on every beach

I think all Lifeguards around the world doing a great job.
And this is how we could say them: thank you.

This Set would include a base for every "Lifeguards on Beach":
Lifeguard Tower
Jetski (on a small trailer)
4 Lifeguards
and Lifeguard-Equipment

The Color af all Equipment (except the Tower) would be yellow and red.
The Lifeguard-Tower would be in grey and white.
The roof of the Tower is removable.

The 4 Lifeguards would get red swimwear with Lifeguard-Logos.
Also the Pickup-Truck would get the Lifeguard-Logos on the side.

I have never seen a set like this and I hope you like it.
Please leave a comment what you like or don't like.
Help to improve this project and make it real.

Thank you for your visit and your support

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The A-Team

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