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BTTF 1:1 Scale Hoverboard Model


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"Little girl!  Little girl!  Stop!  I need to borrow your...  hoverboard?"  So are the words of Marty McFly, from Back to the Future part 2, in the predicted future of the past.  

What exactly is a hoverboard you may ask?  It's like a skateboard without wheels.  It has no need for wheels because it's able to "hover" over the ground.  And yes, hoverboards are real, but they need to use special magnetic plating on the ground, hover using electromagnets, or use superconductors and magnets, and don't go anywhere near as high as in the movies.

I have tried to create an extremely accurate LEGO version of the hoverboard used in the BTTF movies. It's to the exact specifications of the prop used in the films: 71 centimeters/28 inches long, 20 centimeters/8 inches wide, and 3 centimeters/1 inch thick.  In LEGO, that translates to: 90 studs long, 25 studs wide, and 3 bricks thick.  It would be more accurate at 2 and 2/3, but that would look less accurate, and could possibly compromise the structural integrity.

This set would come with: The Hoverboard Model of course, and two minifigures: Doctor Emmet Brown in his 2015 attire, and Marty McFly in his 2015 clothes as well.  The whole set is made up of 3,680 pieces: the full-sized Hoverboard model - 3,663 pieces, the minifigures with a stand and a minifigure scale hoverboard - 18 pieces.

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