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The Secret Island of Time (Pirate Hourglass).

Arrr hello to all pirate fans and all LEGO fans in general. My new Idea consists of an hourglass located on the secret island of time. I have long wanted to create a unique hourglass and combine it with my favorite theme out of all; The LEGO Pirates.

Consequently, I created a secret island on top of which, amongst the tropical vegetation, lays a large hourglass that contains two ships; an Imperial Army ship and a Pirate ship.
Both ships flot in the sea of time. Under this endless journey an X marks the spot of a lost treasure.

Which of the two ships in the perpetual movement of the waves will remain unsinkable? and which will finally get to the coveted treasure?

Naturally the legendary Islanders could not be missing from this epic struggle. From a suspension bridge situated on top of the hourglass, the true hidden inhabitants of this island, keep time for both sides and ensure no one cunningly steals a moment to his advandage.

The Idea has been designed and partitioned into two sides:
1. Pirate side includes: a pirate skeleton with its flag, a mast from a shipwreck with shark hanging from it and a couple barrels of rum.

2.Imperial Army includes: a skeleton of an imperial soldier with his flag, a cannon hanging from the logs and an anchor from his ship.

This allows the viewer to chose which ever side pleases him and place it accordingly.

The hourglass is built on an axis which ends up in two skulls located on the sides of the Idea. Therefore by rotating the skulls the hourglass revolves and in this fashion one of the two boats sinks in the sea of time.

The Idea inorporates 4 minifigures (2 Ιslanders, 1 Pirate skeleton, 1 Imperial Soldier skeleton) and 2 animals (1 Shark and 1 Tropical parrot.)
Composed by Jared Rehnquist.

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