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Storage Box for Stuff


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Whenever we both go over Geometry lessons, my mother writes cards for me so that way I can remember the formulas easily. However, the index cards need to have a container to stay in so that way they won't get lost and disorganized. That's why my mother requested me to build a LEGO box to store these helpful cards in. Therefore, this project came to be on the night of October 5th.

This Storage Box for Stuff isn't just for index cards; it can be used for relatively small items. Perhaps this can be used for paperclips and sticky notes, or small LEGO sets like 60157 Jungle Starter Set. It can probably fit a good amount of minifigures too! Basically, the box can fit anything little that doesn't exceed its limits.

The box itself has only one feature: an opening and closing lid hinged with LEGO Techinic Bricks. It also has some aesthetic decoration on it. There are 1x1 dark red tiles on the sides, a 1x1 tile with a "lock" print on the handle in front, and a design on the top of the box. By the way, the design on top of the chest is a substitute for what could've been an arched lid like a pirate's treasure chest.

Thank you all for supporting this project! Please give me your opinion of this project in the comments section above. Have a good day, everyone! Project built by Joseph cheeseinthepie. 10/18/2018

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