Product Idea

Coast Guard Rescue Boat

In memmories of the Res-Q serie by Lego, I built this model which will thrill those keen on rescue stories! It reproduces the 47-foot Motor Lifeboat (MLB) currently operated by the US Coast Guards. 

My model is made of about 900 pieces arranged in 6 detacheable assemblies, uncovering the different compartments of the vessel:

  • the engine room with two 6-cylinders V-type engines;
  • the survival compartment with emergency accessories, two jump seats and a stretcher;
  • the auxiliary compartment;
  • the bow compartment with additional equipment for the crew; and
  • the enclosed bridge with a steering station.

Outside, the boat can also be operated from the open bridge (the upper deck) which gives a better visibility to the crew during a rescue. On the rear deck, there is a winch and a bollard. The hull also comes with a detachable part with the propellers and the orientable rudders. I carefully built the model so that you can actually access any part of the boat and play with mini-figs in it.

The set comes with an amazing crew composed of the Chief; Travis the Boatswain Mate; Kurt the Machinery Technician and Joey the Seaman. They are all eager to save lifes at sea ! Will you help them?

I am sure this model can inspire many fantastic rescue stories.

Stay tuned for future updates !

About the 47 MLB:
Disigned by Textron-Marine in order to withstand heavy seas with strong winds and waves up to 20 feet high, the MLB primary mission is Search and Rescue. With a crew of 4 seamen, it is capable of assisting and rescuing lost ships in stormy weathers and safely bring their occupants back on dry land if required. Made of marine-garde aluminum only, the boat is powered by two 490hp engines which propel it at a top speed of 25 knots. In case of capsizing, the boat will selfright in less than 10 seconds and remain operational! It can tow another ship of up to 100 tons, and has a range of 200 nautical miles.

Additional notes:
This set is a perfect fit with rescue helicopters HH-65 Dolphin and MH-60J Jayhawk. There are also a lot of people who need to be rescued out there, like the Californian surfers or Dom and Captain Daniels.

Many thanks to Joey C. for his Youtube videos providing a lot of details about the 47 MLB, which I was able to reproduce.rendered with BlueRender