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Big Waves Surf: Movable Set



New set, on the theme of the sea; a set on big waves surfing. Special feature? Movable figurines.

The sea is a painting, on which the contrast of colours is incredible. The idea presented tries to reproduce this contrast, accentuated by the waves.

The set includes a formed roller, a wave in formation, and a quiet zone. The originality comes from the possibility to make the figurines evolve on the waves.

Thus, it is possible to make the surfer evolve in the roll until it comes out. The second mobile figurine, a surfer who just finished surfing his wave and passes over it.

And finally, on sessions of this type, a jet ski to ensure safety. The lifeguard, also mobile, comes to rescue a surfer falling into the water, before the next wave arrives.

The model has 400 parts approximately.

I hope you enjoy this model as much as I enjoyed doing


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