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LEGO Galactic Exploration Rover Vehicle


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This is the Classic Space-Inspired LEGO Galactic Exploration Rover Vehicle, and I hope it can count on your support! With it being the 40th Anniversary of LEGO Space, it only made sense to submit a modern version of a LEGO Space set that emulates all the classic space-era elements.


The GERV has plenty of play features and functions that provide much more in terms of engagement than a simple display piece. The main vehicle itself features a frame that allows for left-right turning, like a real truck, and moveable rear suspension to tackle any terrain, helped of course by its giant wheels! Huge head-lights and ground-sensors also allow the GERV to travel without fear over dark or unknown terrains. The cab fits an astronaut comfortably, as well as some supplies. The pilot can check gauges, readings from the front detectors, and check his blind spot with his mirrors. The engine block can be viewed and worked on by lifting the rear hatches but is still safely secured when travelling.


Attached to the GERV, though easily removable, is a dual-purpose power supply transporter and mobile research lab. This sturdy bed has two sockets meant for transporting and dropping off fuel cell canisters to drop-off points for LEGO astronauts. Plenty of tools can be stowed here too, for easy access. In the rear, underneath a huge canopy, is a geological lab where planetary rock samples can be analyzed and secured. Although not as spacious as some other labs, there are several monitors, control panels, and a microscope to investigate new discoveries. A large satellite dish also relays information to pilots and researchers, whether on the GERV or not. Foldable legs can be deployed to add reinforcement when the cab is off exploring other destinations, then quickly returned to an up-right position once the cab returns.


Also included are two smaller vehicles: a small crane and a recon speeder. The crane can retrieve or unload the fuel cell palettes, depending on the situation, thanks to its mini ball-and-socket-joint arm. This function works very well and quite easily, too. The recon speeder sports the classic ‘bumblebee’ stripes, as well as the iconic, blue, light grey, and translucent yellow color aesthetic. It can deploy its own landing gear, then whoosh off back to adventure in a heartbeat.


Classic Space is one of the most beloved and ground-breaking themes LEGO has ever released. It has inspired thousands of MOCs and fans to keep this theme as one of the most enduring, and I feel would still draw in plenty of interest. The set features the classic hallmarks of the yellow-grey-blue color scheme, as well as a TON of play features. It boasts roughly 1200 pieces, but could still feasibly fit into the $90-$100 price range, as many pieces are small. This more modest price could make the draw more feasible for both fans of the original, and fans who would be first introduced to LEGO Space. The build is fun and quite detailed, yet sturdy for play and display. The GERV is meant to both draw in long-time fans and catch the attention of new ones, and I think this project satisfies both. I hope I can count on your support, and together we can bring Classic Space to a new generation of LEGO fans!


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