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Lego Space M.V.T (Multi-Vehicle-Transport) Galactic Cruiser


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This is the Lego Space M.V.T (Multi-vehicle-transport) Galactic Cruiser. It is my second tribute to Classic Space, and I hope is a fitting homage to such a beloved piece of Lego history.


While it calls on the influence of Classic Space, it is not based on any one particular ship, but is rather of my own design. That being said, it certainly fits right in with its ancestors. It sports the large, translucent-yellow canopy and striking bright blue color scheme, for starters. A rover, featuring the signature light-grey hue and red wheels, also makes an appearance. Finally, a dual-pod mini-exploration skiff is also included, and features the same function as the rover. This brings me to my next point: the functions of the Galactic Cruiser, because there are several.


It features working gear-operated and retractable landing mechanics, making display and play more realistic (for a spaceship). The canopy opens securely to fit two pilot spacemen comfortably. The rear of the ship, between the massive thrusters, contains a hatch and stowing compartment for plenty of accessories, like walkie-talkies, binoculars, and more. The most prominent feature, however, is in the center of the cruiser. Either the exploration skiff or the rover can be connected for transport on the cruiser. The connecting mechanism is quite secure, and the foldable doors help support the heavier rover with no problem at all.


This model contains roughly 1,100 pieces in total, but between the rover, minifigures, gear, and exploration skiff, the Galactic Cruiser comes down to about 890 pieces or so. I envision a cost of around $80-$99, as many parts are small (i.e. plenty of 1x1 studs). I feel it appeals to fans of the old theme, while also having enough play features to attract the younger audience as well. It features plenty of call-backs, but does not rely on nostalgia alone to get the ‘cool factor’. I believe in contains the best elements of modern and classic Lego Space: the iconic, play-focused principles of the original, and the detailed, functioned aesthetic of the modern.


In addition to fans of the old theme, this model is also a tribute to a relative who greatly enjoyed his original Classic Space sets and shared them with my brother and me. My goal is to be able to share this set with him while possible. It would be an honor to see this reach the 10,000, and I thank you for your support!

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