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Galactic LEGO Space Outpost


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This is the Galactic LEGO Space Outpost. After the fantastic Exo-Suit set 21009, I was inspired to create something that fits alongside the same LEGO Space-roots, incorporating classic elements and designs with more modern techniques. While it fits with 21009, this set obviously stands on its own, containing several play features and plenty of building possibilities.


The proposed set has around 850 pieces, buts is broken up across a space cruiser, battery tanker/exploratory rover, outpost module, location beacons, and of course, several minifigs, including an originally-designed android. This makes for not only a simpler build, thus appealing to a wider age range, but also an interesting one, too. While constructing a giant spaceship is good fun, it can be a little daunting, and at times, repetitive. Each component was designed to harken back to the original theme, but with expanded, and in some cases improved, builds. For example, the space cruiser has retractable landing gear and more space for gear, but has not lost the overall shape of its ancestor. The outpost module can house several space-explorers comfortably, where they can investigate findings under a microscope or consult the computer monitors. While sporting a complex exterior, the interior is simpler, again like its ancestor. I tried to construct something with stylish detail, yet also holding the simple appeal of the original theme. Nothing is too busy, yet nothing is too bland, either.


A great appeal for LEGO is the ability to build something new from a kit from your own imagination. Thus, I tried to use many parts that could be used easily for several purposes. The outpost and landing plate both contain bricks that could easily be used to build a bigger spacecraft. The space cruiser can also be combined with the rover to create a totally different kind of vehicle, as numerous small parts can be interchanged easily. While any LEGO set can be rebuilt into something entirely different, my goal here was to make it even easier to do so.


Classic Space is among the most beloved LEGO themes to date, and still captures imaginations more than 30 years after introduction. This theme has a special place for me personally, as a family member gave me their original space sets, allowing this theme to be shared across multiple generations. I think this model could sell well, as this set contains enough callbacks to draw attention from older fans, while also being eye-catching enough to attract new ones.

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