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Lego Time Travelers Series

The Time Travelers series is about a group of heroes who created a time portal. At first they just went in to look at the past. Then they noticed they could help people from dangers that didn't have to come upon them. These sets are based on the time traveling heroes helping people in the past! This series includes 3 sets. I thought of this series when I noticed that Lego hasn't really made successful time traveling series. I hope enjoy my Lego series! PLEASE SUPPORT TO MAKE A REALITY!


Native Wall Defense

Oh no! The tribal chief is being attacked by an evil dwarf! The chief has a lot of weapons but he can't defeat the evil dwarf. But then the time travelers come in to help! Can the tribal chief and the time travelers defeat the evil dwarf? You decide!

Includes:: wall, 3 minifigures, motorcycle&side-car, 2 shields, spear, sword, bow&arrow, crossbow, fishing pole with fish and camera!

Wild West Pursuit

The evil cowboy and his wife are getting away with the treasure! Can the time travelers catch the evil-doers and recover the treasure? You decide!

Includes:: 4 minifigures, horse-drawn-cart, car, buggy, camera set, box, silver coin, gold ingot, gold ring, bottle-in-basket, pistol and dynamite!

The British soldiers are on the hunt for the pirates who have stolen many things. But when they reach the pirates they find out they are out-numbered! Can the time travelers help out on this one? You decide!

Includes:: 8 minifigures, pirate ship, small boat, shark, clam, chest, jewls, gold ring, 3 guns, 2 swords, telescope and filming camera!


Top:: Heroes:: Ace, Dr. Jonathan, Jimmy, Dr. Rather, Dr. Hatchfield, Mrs. JJ,

Middle:: People The Heroes Help:: Tribal Chief, British Soldier, Cap. Jonson

Bottom:: Villains:: Dwarf, Cowboy, Cowboy's Wife, Pirate1, Pirate2, Cap. Alder

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