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Ronald McDonald and Mayor McCheese BrickHeadz


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"Give the people what they want" is the overriding demand from pop culture.
Well, who doesn't like clowns and hamburgers?

With billions of meals sold, and decades of appeal to children, it seems a McDonald's brand product is in order.

Thus, here are the perennial fast-food favorites Ronald McDonald and Mayor McCheese comprised of a highly affordable 220 elements. (And only six tiles need printing to look their best; the eyes, the classic Golden Arches on Ronald's pocket and 'Mayor' on McCheese's sash.)

Although, perhaps the latter should fall under a 'BurgerHeadz' sub-brand?

Also, I hope you like how the legs and shoes were handled.
Different than that of a typical Brickheadz to be certain.
But, it is just an idea, yes?

Let me know in the comments. Thanks.

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