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Aladdin: Friend Like Me (30th Anniversary Special)


Halfway to the goal!!!

70 days ago this project was published!

I was so anxious about it! I was worried that it would not get even one thousand supporters.

When it got one hundred supporters at the first day I got hopeful about it. So when it got one thousand supporters, I wasn't believing that it really happened.

Then two, three thousand supporters was gathered and bang! This project was selected as Lego group staff pick! Ohh, Gosh!!! I had got so flattered!!!

Now we are here!!! Five thousand supporters!!!

Oh, guys!!! I've no words to thank you all! All I can say is...

I ain't never had a friend like you, guys!

Keep building! Keep dreaming!

Then from that stream of sparks, lights and smoke, a silhouette of a giant blue mighty creature started being formed!


1000 supporters already? I can't believe that!!!

Thank you everyone who supported this project until now!

I am very happy with the reception of this project by you. Thank you everyone who have let a comment. It was a lot of kind and encouraging words!

Our shared wish is a bit more closer to come true, let's keep believing on it!

This li'l cute guy came up here to thank you for helping make him real!

Keep building!

Soon after we rubbed this old dusty lamp it started shake, glow and spit smoke and sparkles from its tip!


100 Wishs realized at 1st day!!!

Thank you everyone who supported, commented and shared this project until now!

I am very happy that we reached the first milestone and now we have one whole year to make this Wish real!

You all are my Genies!!!

Please continue helping me to reach more supports throughout this year and I really hope that we can have this set on our shelves to always remember this incredible movie.

Keep building!

We just found the lamp let's take and rub it!